How we work

We expect people to come to us at various stages and so we will endeavour to help at what ever point you come to see us. You might have something very specific in mind or you might not be sure what you need and so we are happy to talk this through over a coffee to work out how best we can help. Below is our full process that in an ideal world we would follow, however we are not in an ideal world and offer flexibility around this.

The Brief:
We work hard with you to fully clarify the brief in the first instance, we will aim for absolute clarity about what you are specifically wanting to develop/explore and/or achieve. We may return to the brief at a later stage of the process.

Our full consultancy process
If we are following a full consultancy process we will move into research and insights.

Research and insights:
We will collect data from you and your team and/or organisation in order to fully understand the issues, to double-check your thoughts and to make sure there’s nothing hidden that you’re unaware of. At this point we usually will return to the brief to check it is still correct and relevant in discussion with you.

Reporting back on what we have found:
Off the back of the research and insights we will provide you with a report and discuss the nature and details of it with you. The original brief may change at this point.

A strategy and plan:
Following the report we will provide you with suggestions on what can be implemented to make a difference. We may be able to provide some of our services at this point or we may be able to recommend others if we are unable to help and of course you are able to explore options for yourself.
We’ll work with you to develop a strategy of what we are aiming for and then a plan of how we are going to implement it.

Making the changes:
If we are implementing the actions of the plan we will work with you carefully to achieve this.

Measurement and results:
We will always endeavour to measure changes and results. This is obviously not easy especially when considering behaviours and softer skills but we will discuss this when developing the brief with you and also when devising a strategy or plan.

We are always open to feedback (it is essential so we develop too!) and so will hope to have developed a partnership with you in which you can constantly provide feedback to us. We will be looking for feedback across the whole process and part of our strategy will include opportunities for your organisation to feedback to us too.

The way we work
The way we work is just as important as what we do, so what can you expect from us.

We will always strive for clarity. From the initial discussions and contracting with you through to the strategy and execution of projects. We will also encourage clarity from you and your teams. We will be as clear as we possibly can about what we are doing/planning to do.

We’ll say what we mean and what we think.
In return we ask you to be open to what we might bring.

Even if it’s difficult to hear and say, we don’t leave stones unturned or any elephants in the room. You might find it really challenging – many people do – so let us help you through that process. We can help make your people more engaged and your organisation work better for you.

We’ll recommend only what we truly believe is right.

Making a difference
We get rewarded by making a difference. We will not recommend or go ahead with something we don’t believe will give results.

We will design a plan that works for you. We will not try to put an off-the-shelf solution into your organisation.

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