This page lists all our upcoming courses and workshops. If you are interested in an in-house workshop for your business or organisation then please contact us on We are able to develop bespoke sessions for your requirements.

Introduction to Emotional intelligence
When: contact us for information and potential dates later in the year.
A short four hour course that gives you the basics as well as providing you with your own personal report. You will leave with a plan to develop your emotional intelligence…more

Developing your creativity and being more innovative
When: 8th and 9th June
Where: Garden Room, RAMM Exeter
We will take you through the basics of innovation and creativity. How to create the right environment for creativity to happen? How to develop your emotional intelligence and the impact this has on your creativity. Tips and techniques that will help you to be more creative and tools you can take with you that will support your ongoing journey into the world of increased creativity….more

Graduate/undergraduate/student self awareness development course
When: tbc contact us for more information and potential dates later in the year
We are planning a six/seven day course that will provide students and undergraduates with many tools that will support them in their first job or even getting their first job. The course will include coaching around Emotional Intelligence, Myers Briggs preferences, Leadership, Managing people, Innovation and Creativity, Interviewing and many other areas of development.  We will be offering as a fast track or a longer term programme. We know what employers want and so many of the techniques/profiling tools are used in industry and top organisations and we hope to give the people who attend this course the edge when it comes to making a good impression. If you are interested and require more information and to be informed of dates please email us


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