Chocolate Elephant Sessions

We are delighted to announce The Chocolate Elephant Sessions starting 23rd January 2019 – see below for the programme of events. 

A series of taster sessions demonstrating ideas that can enhance the way people work and behave within companies

The Chocolate Elephant Sessions are a series of “taster” sessions introducing various topics that can enhance the way people work and behave within your company or organisation.

We only have one session left to book in July. If you are interested in any of the topics we are happy to arrange a session for your organisation. Please get in contact if you are interested. 

Where: Chococo, Gandy Street, Exeter

Time: 5 – 7pm

Cost: £5.50 including drink and cake (doesn’t have to be chocolate!)

If you prefer to pay directly rather than through PayPal please email 

Numbers are limited so please book.

23rd January 2019 – Emotional Intelligence at Work…. in a rich chocolate coating

28th February 2019 – Leading with Emotional Intelligence….with added chocolate

21st March 2019- Developing innovative and creative behaviours……while surrounded by chocolate


25th April 2019 – Becoming more resilient and mindful…. including chocolate

23rd May 2019 – Managing yourself and others….supported by chocolate


20th June 2019 – Managing change effectively…. a good time for chocolate


16th July 2019 – Having tricky conversations…. always works better with chocolate


Obviously our advice and ideas are not focused on chocolate (but it often helps) but we are delighted to have the wonderful space and support from people at Chococo to hold our events.

Thanks to Ross Middleham for his great design of our posters for this event.

Chocolate Elephant Sessions poster

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