Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leading with Emotional intelligence

“I’m wondering how fantastic workplaces would be if these courses were compulsory for everybody!”

Where and when: Steiner Academy Exeter – 14 August 2018, 9-5pm

Do you want to:

– understand what Emotional Intelligence is and how it relates to leadership success?
– be able to manage and lead your teams more effectively?
– improve your ability to inspire great performance in yourself and others?
– learn about your own Emotional Intelligence and how to develop it?

Emotional intelligence plays a major role in our personalities and our relationships with colleagues and our teams. Happy, successful people usually have high Emotional Intelligence and in turn this has a big impact on how we perform as leaders, and help our teams succeed.

“90% of top performers are high in EI.”*

“Managers that are trained in EI deliver twice the profit of those that are not.”*

“Executives with high levels of EI are 32% more effective at building and maintaining relationships.”*

“Employees are twice as likely to report feeling physically and emotionally healthy in a positive leadership climate.”*

“Employees are four times as likely to be engaged working in an emotionally intelligent leadership climate.”

“67% of leadership competencies essential to effective leadership performance are EI related.”

The evidence is compelling. EI makes a significant difference to a leader’s potential and the culture of your organisation.

Good news: it can be learned.

So what impact are you having on your teams? How emotionally intelligent are you? You’ll find out as part of our Leading with Emotional Intelligence day-long workshop.

Before the workshop, we’ll create and explore your personal executive report in a one-to-one session. You’ll have plenty of time to digest this before the workshop.

After the workshop you’ll leave us with a clear plan of how you’re going to use and develop your new skills. 

Here’s what the course includes:

1.  Exercises and discussions
 – What is Emotional Intelligence and how does it impact our lives?
– The importance of Emotional Intelligence
– How Emotional Intelligence predicts leadership success and derailment
– The relation of Emotional Intelligence to stress and burnout
– Exploration of key elements of Emotional Intelligence
– Tips for Inspirational leadership, resilience and performance

2.  Your personal EI report. You will receive a one-hour one-to-one exploration session in advance of the workshop. The Executive report is the most detailed report we do and will clearly highlight your real strengths and identify areas for further development. It also enables us to compare elements of your profile to consider patterns of behaviour and why they might occur.

3. Improve your Emotional Intelligence
– Building on your strengths
– How to develop your Emotional Intelligence including group and personal coaching
– Your personalised development plan
– What’s next?

We’ll keep hunger at bay with a continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, tea and coffee

The group size is limited so we can provide a more effective facilitation and group coaching with two very experienced facilitators.  

What people have said about our courses: 

Here are some of the wonderful testimonials we have received:

“A thought-provoking introduction to EI. Natalie and Clare were engaging and gave the course energy and fun. Making this a valuable learning experience.” Nina Hartley, Head of P3M Profession, Met Office

“The workshop has been really helpful in applying EI to my own situation. It was also really useful in understanding others point of view. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others and will be exploring the concept further.” Dominika Kopka, Contracts Manager, STR Logistics

“The insights provided on the topic of EI and organisational development by the facilitators really useful – everyone could benefit from the course.” Anette Grahns, Engagement Manager.

“The workshop reaffirmed, challenged and developed my thinking in EI. Professionally led by knowledgeable, warm and open facilitators. Thank you.” Sarah Lavis, Head Teacher

“This session has highlighted areas of development that I have ignored for years and has been added unnecessary stress. I look forward to building on the skills and techniques I have learned and hope it makes me a better friend and colleague.” Ollie Christophers, Partner, F. Christophers & Son.


Natalie Wilkie, founder and executive coach at Elephants in the Room, is an organisational development consultant, counsellor and psychotherapist. Natalie has worked with global organisations such as Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Proctor & Gamble, BMW and British Airways. Her combination of commercial background and therapeutic training give her a uniquely insightful perspective on organisational development. Most recently working at the Met Office as an organisational development consultant, Natalie offers consultancy around performance and diagnostics through Elephants in the Room.

Clare Pluck is an organisational development consultant with extensive experience in training, development and facilitation. In addition to emotional intelligence she is qualified in the psychometric profiling tools 16PF and MBTI which she uses for coaching and team building.

Having left the Met Office Clare now offers coaching to individuals and teams, and OD consultancy to organisations.

Both accredited by JCA Global.

Book now:

Spaces are limited as we like to keep the group 12 people or less. There is a minimum of 6 required for the course to run. 

Payment is required before booking is confirmed. Cost is £425 including a full personal profile, one full-day workshop, a one-to-one exploration session and all food and materials. 

Book now:

Leading with Emotional Intelligence – 14 August 2018, 9-5pm


We close the bookings a month before the course. This gives us time to organise the personal profiles and exploration sessions.

Please email natalie@elephantsintheroom.co.uk to request more information. 

If you have a group of people in your organisation that you think might want to to this course please contact us as we might be able to offer you a course in house. 

*JCA Global.

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