Emotional Intelligence

We are accredited by JCA Global in delivering emotional intelligence, leadership, team and coaching sessions.

JCA Global deliver profiling tools and reports that enable us to assess and help people develop their Emotional Intelligence. We are accredited by JCA to deliver one to one coaching on the EIP3 profiles, Introduction to EI sessions, Leadership sessions and Team sessions.

Combined with an already strong set of therapeutic, organisational development and innovation skills this combination is powerful in making changes within teams and developing high performance. The business case for focusing on emotional intelligence with your employees is significant e.g. “Managers in EI deliver twice the profit than those that are not”, “Employees are over 4 times more likely to be engaged working in an Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Climate”.

What is Emotional Intelligence?
Many people have a tendency to suppress, ignore or dismiss feelings, especially when they are uncomfortable. Over time, this habit reduces one’s capacity for self-awareness, limiting our potential to perform and undermining our health.

Businesses that lack emotional intelligence may see rigid or defensive behaviour in their people, poor team working, low levels of personal resilience and recurring emotional outbursts.

Businesses high in emotional intelligence benefit from more engaged employees and leaders, staff who are more able to adapt and cope with change, better team working, collaboration and innovation.

Science has shown that feeling precedes thought and behaviour. The business evidence is clear; taking emotion out of work does not increase employee engagement, drive customer satisfaction or build high performance – managing emotion effectively does.

It is the intelligent use of emotions that is crucial to sustainable high performance and decision making.

For more information on emotional intelligence please take a look at the JCA Global site where you will find information on the Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence as well as research that they have undertaken showing its effectiveness.


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