Developing your creativity and innovation

Do you want to:

  • be more creative?
  • come up with more innovative ideas?
  • help others in your team to be more innovative?
  • work out ways to help you solve problems at work or at home?
  • understand the process of creativity?
  • work out how you can develop more of a creative and innovative mindset?

Quite often we believe that we are not innovative or creative. We will leave it to others to do the creative part. At Elephants in the Room, we believe everyone has the potential to be creative and we can help you develop the skills that prove it. 

We’ll meet you at RAMM, the Museum in Exeter, where we’ll take you through the basics of innovation and creativity:
– How to create the right environment for creativity to happen.
– Tips and techniques that will help you to be more creative.
– Tools you can take away that will support your ongoing journey into the world of increased creativity.

We’ll also explore areas of your personality that might be holding you back and explore the link between emotional intelligence, mindfulness and creativity. Finally we will take you through a project where you will learn tools and techniques to help you develop your ideas.

Here’s what the course includes:

1.  What is innovation and creativity?
Including the neuroscience behind creativity

2.  Emotional Intelligence and links to Innovation and Creativity

Including your own personal profile and coaching with a slant towards innovation and creativity

3. Mindfulness
How mindfulness can support EI, creativity and innovation.

4. An Innovation process
You will take part in a process to create your own ideas around a specific project.

We’ll keep hunger at bay with lunches, snacks, tea and coffee.


Natalie Wilkie, founder and executive coach at Elephants in the Room is an organisational development consultant, innovation specialist and creative facilitator. She’s also a counsellor and psychotherapist. Natalie has worked with global organisations such as Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Proctor and Gamble, BMW and British Airways across many sectors. Her rare combination of business skills and therapeutic experience give her a unique perspective on organisations and how they work. Most recently working at the Met Office as an Organisational Development Consultant Natalie now offers consultancy around performance and diagnostic within organisations through Elephants in the Room.

Clare Pluck is an Organisational Development consultant with extensive experience in training, development and facilitation. Clare is an advanced creative facilitator. In addition to emotional intelligence she is qualified in the psychometric profiling tools 16PF and MBTI which she uses for coaching and team building.

Having left the Met Office Clare now offers coaching to individuals and teams and OD consultancy to organisations.

Both accredited by JCA Global.

When and where:

Contact us on so we can keep you up to date on the dates for this course. Or to book an in house course for your organisation or company.

Book now:

Spaces are limited as we like to keep the group to less than 12 people. There is a minimum of 6 required for the course to run.

For group bookings contact us to discuss possible discounts.

Contact us to arrange payment at

Payment is required to confirm the booking. Refunds are available if you’re no longer able to attend the course but we are not able to refund the cost of the course after the 7th May 2018.
Our bookings close 9th May. This ensures everyone has time to complete their questionnaire before the session.

Please email to book.

If you have a group of people in your organisation that you think might want to this course please contact us as we may be able to offer it onsite. 

*JCA Global.

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